Sam De Backer (°1989) entered the world of photography through his passion for events. Not only did he shoot numerous parties and festivals, he also worked as media and event manager for The Yacht Week, has organized four editions of his renowned party concept The Brunch, and just launched his latest baby: an afterwork concept called Overuren.

Although you can occasionally still find him shooting an event for old time’s sake, you have a bigger chance of running into one of the 50 freelance event photographers working for Sam’s agency, Event Photographers United, which he founded in 2014.

Meanwhile, Sam uses his bold, dynamic style and wild imagination for commercial work in fashion, lifestyle and portrait photography.

After working at Studio Dann in Brussels, assisting Dirk Lambrechts and Nico Caignie, and a lot of experiments, Sam now counts MAC Cosmetics, Accent Fashion, Venuez and Mini among his clients.